Month: January 2011

24 Hour Hollywood Rush – Rush to write, direct, perform and save lives on Feb 20th!

Matthew has been a previous participant in the New York City staged 24 Hour Plays, his last performance was onstage with Sam Rockwell and John Hawkes. This year, he is stepping behind stage as a director as the event is launched in Los Angeles! Forty of Hollywood’s most talented writers, directors and actors will come…

Happy 41st Birthday to Matthew!

Over the weekend, he had a birthday party where James Gunn (the writer of Scooby Doo 1 and 2) had fun taking photos of his tiny girlfriend, Mia, who is 4’9, alongside the rather tall Matthew and Abraham Benrubi, Matthew’s co-star from Without A Paddle and Lawless!

Pssst…. want to help with a certain someone’s birthday present?

Would you like to help children with rare diseases and give Matthew a birthday present too?

Behind The Scenes Video of Larger Than Life

In a short video filmed on the set of House, Matthew talks about the teaser, where they were shooting, his experience with shooting television and working with the amazing Hugh Laurie. Two Behind the Scenes photos have been added to the gallery!

Every Hero Has His Kryptonite – “Larger Than Life” airing TONIGHT!

There is a new promo spot for tonight’s episode of House, airing during a football game over the weekend, which has a new shot of Dr Master examining Matthew’s character as he yells out in pain and clutches his head. There is also a longer shot of Sprague Grayden as Jack Nash’s wife, Eva, holding their daughter Daisy.

Screaming for more?

Who else is excited for Scream 4?
The official trailer is intriguing, great to see the original trio of Gale, Dewey and of course Sydney back onscreen. It’s also chilling to see Ghostface again.
Looking forward to its release in April as well as the releases of documentaries, Still Screaming and Scream:The Inside Story which both feature interviews with Matthew!
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House promo picture is released and a few Fat Punk set pictures!

MatthewLillardOnline reached new heights of 200 new visits today!
We are very pleased to see all of you visiting and learning about Matthew’s new projects, his Seattle adventures with Fat Punk, as well as his upcoming SF Sketchfest show with Dr God and of course, House next Monday!

Matthew at SF Sketchfest with Dr. God this Friday!

Matthew is joining his House co-star, Candice Bergen at San Francisco’s Annual Sketchfest!
Matthew is the host of Dr God’s Revival show, as they perform twice at the SF Sketchfest on Friday January 14th.

Exclusive: Extras in line for Fat Punk filming in Seattle’s Sunset Tavern!

Today, yours truly, intrepid reporter, Katie was searching to see if anyone had seen any moviemaking in Seattle. Twitter came up trumps and sent us to Sunset Tavern’s DJ, Greg and his wife Jana who were cast as The Perfect Couple, they nailed it in three takes and we look forward to seeing their perfection!…

Matthew’s short film, Fat Punk is shooting today in Seattle!

You can be a part of the background action by heading down to the Sunset Tavern for 2pm.

Matthew’s statement of intent in directing Fat Punk, was kindly shared with us by the band, Whiskey Tango who are playing in the film.
You can read it in the full post.