Week 3 of Production on Fat Kid begins as Amara excels herself with her art!

Week 3 of Production on Fat Kid begins as Amara excels herself with her art!

You remember the wonderful and talented extra we posted about, Amara? She’s so inspired by the set of Fat Kid Rules The World that she has created more amazing paintings! On Amara’s website you can read what she has to say about the process of coming to set, being inspired and see more of her

New onset photo shows Matthew with Billy and help indie filmmaking!

Look under the cut for an amazing full photograph of Matthew on set with Billy Campbell, the talented actor playing Troy’s father, Mr Billings.
Now while we’ve got your attention, Matthew has taken an interest in getting funding for a personal project of a Fat Kid Rules The World crew member, Jeremy Mackie. The project is in need of help with only three days to raise $1,694.
We know Matthew’s fans are a generous bunch, raising $350 for Madison’s Charity for his birthday this year, so we would love to see your support for this project. After all, Matthew doesn’t want to have to sell one of his kids in order to get this film made!

EXCLUSIVE: Actor hired for Mr Billing, Troy’s father!

Anyone following Matthew’s twitter knows they had a long wait to find the actor to play Mr Billings, Matthew just wanted to find the right actor to portray this important character. Mr Billings is Troy’s father and has quite an impact on the film. MatthewLillardOnline.com is proud to reveal that the father will be played

Look back on first week of production for Fat Kid Rules The World!

Wow, it’s been a busy, busy week for Seattle! Let’s look back on their first week of production. The cast had their full table read last week, Jacob Wysocki had an improv comedy show in Washington on Saturday night that Matthew was also going to be on stage for, but he had to fly to

Artist extra Amara shows her artwork!

Fat Kid Rules The World extra Amara Kopakova answered a Craigslist ad for punkrockers, and found herself on the high school set earlier this week, drawing between takes to pass the time and amuse others. She reports that the set is ‘friendly and intense, focused and fun’. Amara explains that a ‘ lot of onset

Fat Kid Rules The World with a little Extra help.

Fat Kid Rules The World are looking for extras for scenes set in the school, the town, the punk scene and general background atmosphere! They are filming at various areas in Seattle and Renton from July 5th (TODAY!) until through to August 7th. If you are interested, please contact Avi on the following address –

Fat Kid Rules in 360 degrees!

An extraordinary anonymous photographer is capturing moments on set in various creative ways with his iphone and posting them to twitter and flickr, they will be uploaded to an album in the gallery. Check out this SUPER amazing panoramic photograph he did. So interesting and cool to look at. The creativity and passion of people