A Look Back On “Scream”, which is currently airing now in the UK!

Any fellow UK residents, I hope you’re watching ‘Scream’ right now on BBC1. According to Twitter you are, as Scream is currently a trending topic in the UK!

As we know, Matthew took part in two Scream retrospective documentaries. “Scream The Inside Story” aired on the Biography channel last Wednesday. Fans have reported that it was an extensive look back on Scream and they enjoyed the rare photos and seeing the cast, crew and director talk about the making of the film!

Ashley from the best website on Casey Becker’s actress, Drew Barrymore, kindly sent along this screencap of Matthew from the Scream Inside Story documentary. Matthew is seen on set with Brian Dettori, a crew member, presumably when they were filming the scene where Stu talks to Sidney and Tatum about the party.

Entertainment Weekly ask Matthew about looking back on Scream. The article may currently be under revision, we certainly hope there’s a few more questions!

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Lito Valesco, the producer of Scream: The Inside Story told us something that wasn’t aired.
“Matthew told us a cute anecdote about how he was going through his movie posters with his kids who saw the SCREAM poster and were like, “What movie is that, Daddy?”
He answered, “Um…we’ll come back to that in about 12 years”. Haha!”