Exclusive: Extras in line for Fat Punk filming in Seattle’s Sunset Tavern!

Today, yours truly, intrepid reporter, Katie was searching to see if anyone had seen any moviemaking in Seattle.

Twitter came up trumps and sent us to Sunset Tavern’s DJ, Greg and his wife Jana who were cast as The Perfect Couple, they nailed it in three takes and we look forward to seeing their perfection!

Eagle-eyed Nick was at work, ZippyCart – Shopping Cart Reviews, and happened to look out of the window, where he saw a large queue of people that kept increasing. One group of extras went in at 2pm, and another at 4pm.

Curiousity got the better of him and he found out that they were the extras for Matthew’s short film, Fat Punk, based on Fat Kid Rules The World!

Nick kindly shared these pictures with us and I’m glad to see that these people were well prepared with a ball, a book, food and good company in each other!

There is a lot of waiting around on a production set, so it’s fantastic to see these people took the time to come and help make Matthew’s directing debut possible and just a bit more fleshed out in the background. You rock!

Thanks Nick from ZippyCart, for the pictures. If you were there today, please feel free to share your stories of being on set for Fat Punk!