Fat Kid Rules The World Production News & From The Head Tease!

It’s all go go go as Matthew, aided by his passionate and professional crew is working hard on the pre-production for Fat Kid Rules The World. Be sure to check back often and see Matthew’s tweets on the site if you don’t follow him on Twitter already, as it gives you an insight into the process, as well as telling us tidbits such as being roommates with Paul Rudd for two years!

K.L Going, the author confirms today that Mike McReady from Pearl Jam will be scoring the movie! This is HUGE news as it’s a fantastic achievement to get someone from Pearl Jam, an award winning and genre defining band, to work on your movie’s music.

Matthew’s making sure they’re playing hard too, setting up games of Dungeons and Dragons in the production office!

A new film that Matthew appears in, “From The Head”, opens the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival next Friday on the 24th 9pm at the Franklin Institute. He plays Jimmy, a strip club patron amongst a steady stream of men who visit the strip club bathroom and the insights of Shoes, the bathroom attendant. Tickets have been selling rapidly for this and be sure to book yours before they sell out! If you want to buy your tickets in person, get here at least 45 minutes to an hour prior to the showtime; as it’s expected to sell out. Or book yours on the phone by calling 215-448-1254.
The Facebook page has been updated with a teaser that features Matthew!
Here are a few captures.

Be sure to check out the facebook page where you can see the teaser video yourself!