Good Girls premieres on NBC tonight, Matthew appears on the Rich Eisen Show!

Matthew’s newest television role will air in Good Girls, airing on NBC after The Voice tonight.
He plays Dean Boland, the philandering husband of Christina Hendricks’ Beth, who teams up with Mae Whitman and Retta to rob a local grocery store after their living situations are too much to handle.
Following the Atlanta production of the show’s first season has been fun via social media as the actors and actresses on set were keen to share their escapades via Instagram!


Variety wrote about Matthew and his scenes with Christina Hendricks, “Lillard, in his second role in 12 months as a philandering husband, is an always-welcome presence on-screen, and the two present a rich marriage dynamic.”

Time Magazine declares that “Good Girls is the perfect show for this moment” and we look forward to many more moments with this show and the talented cast!

Matthew appeared on the Rich Eisen show today to promote the show

Here are the official show promos from the main leads