Hope your Halloween was a Scream!

ghostface is very happy
Ahh, Halloween. A fantastic time of year for scary movies and what better one to watch than Scream?
There’s always Scooby Doo and Thirteen Ghosts too!

As we get closer to the April release date of Scream 4, many people are looking back on the Scream franchise and of course, the first one where it all started, rejuvenated the horror genre and kickstarted Matthew’s career, with the scene stealing portrayal of Stu Macher.

Ashley, a fantastic Drew Barrymore aficionado and fellow Matthew fan, kindly linked us to a news article on Scream-Trilogy.net where they wrote about a Scream retrospective documentary being made with the blessing of Craven, Miramax and Weinstein.

Written, produced and directed by MasiMedia, the same team behind such horror fan favourite documentaries on Halloween and Friday The 13th, this is a fantastic opportunity for fans to really gain an insight into how Scream and its franchise has grown over the years, featuring ‘archival footage, rare photos and on-set stories’.
Boasting an unparalleled mix of actors involved in all Scream films and their insights into the films over the years, it will be a MUST SEE for all Scream fans and especially Matthew Lillard fans, as he has been one of the confirmed interviewees!

Wes Craven himself tweeted about the documentary, linking to a fantastic picture of Matthew on set of his interview.

Matthew in the new Scream retrospective documentary

'A sneak peek at a feature-length SCREAM trilogy retrospective.' @wescraven

We believe this may be filmed when Matthew visited the set in Michigan, due to the fantastic wall of masks behind him, you can’t think of a better background for a Scream retrospective!

Anthony Masi, the producer behind the documentary was very complimentary, regarding Matthew’s appearance.

“Matthew was a GREAT interviewee, and he remembers Scream very fondly. I wish we could have spent more time with him though, as he’s one of those people that when you start talking with him you want to chit chat for hours. He’s just very relatable and fun to talk to.”

and Ryan Turek, the writer and director also added,

“Lillard was a terrific interview, I think you’ll get a kick out of what he had to say about his experience on Scream and Scream 2.”

Yes, Matthew had a cameo in the background of Scream 2 at the cocktail party, watch out for the bleached hair!

The feature length documentary will be released theatrically and on DVD alongside the release of Scream 4 in April 2011.

What do you think of the documentary news and who else would you like to see featured?