Matthew confirms involvement in “Punk’s Dead”, the SLC Punk! Sequel

Matthew has confirmed that he will be taking part in the official sequel to SLC Punk! In Matthew’s directorial debut, Fat Kid Rules The World, he made a cameo dressed as Stevo as the high school psychologist/guidance counsellor but now he’s doing it for real and returning to film as everybody’s favourite blue haired anarchist with a PHD in damage.

Director James Merendino has had this project in development for quite some time and was tweeting his reflections on script developments early last year.
Titled Punks Dead!, this will be a reflection on the characters we know and their lives 18 years after the happenings of SLC Punk with a few new faces thrown in.

We hope to see more familiar faves joining Matthew and James as they embark on this exciting sequel, it is hopefully shooting this summer and will be released next year.

Independent news outlets have already picked up on this, sharing Matthew’s tweets about reading the script and having met James in NYC. James has conducted an exclusive Q&A with fans through the Facebook page with more to come!

Please follow the early stages of Punk’s Dead with Facebook and Twitter as they gear up for pre production with casting news, competitions and daily postings to get fans aware of and in the mood for Punks Dead!