Matthew filming a guest appearance on Criminal Minds!

The weekend his Leverage episode aired, we were delighted to find out that Matthew is also filming a Criminal Minds episode!

Written by Virgil Williams and directed by Rob Bailey, the Criminal Minds episode is entitled The Apprenticeship.
On Twitter, Matthew has described his character as “psychotic”, “weird” and “crazy”, using a favourite band’s music to get amped up onset so we look forward to seeing his role onscreen!

We’ve read that the series will be delving into a season long arc with an unsub, The Silencer, lasting all season so it will be interesting to see how the season develops. Fans of the show will hopefully get to see more of their favourite bromance between Morgan and Reid as well as the sight of Shemar Moore in a baseball uniform!

This also begs the questions of whether Matthew’s character will have some connection to the ball game, since he’s been rather heavily represented onscreen what with Summer Catch, Home Run Showdown and his upcoming theatrical movie Trouble With The Curve!

Virgil tweeted the following images relating to Matthew’s episode.
Here’s the script from the production meeting.

and Matthew himself onset!