Matthew is now directing a feature length Fat Kid Rules The World!

Matthew’s earlier tweet says he has shaved his head, now he’s heading to Seattle to direct Fat Kid Rules The World!
He’s been long involved with this project, narrating the audiobook and optioning the novel rights to try and get it made through the years. Earlier this year, he made a short film to show prospective producers what it could look like and to see whether his directing style would work for the film.

Here is an excerpt from an Indiewire article about Whitewater Films who are working with Matthew in Seattle.

 Rick Rosenthal has just returned from Seattle where Matt Lillard is directing some scenes from the script of Fat Kid Rules the World. Rosenthal went up there to do a small shoot in order to get to know the person and personality of the director whose sister, Amy Lillard, coincidentally heads up Washington Filmworks, the state’s film organization. Whitewater found good and willing crew members up there and helped to underwrite a 3 day shoot in order to see Matt in action, to see if they could work together, if he could make a transition to directing, and how he was able to run the show.
With the Seattle shoot, they really liked what they saw with Lillard at the helm. He was able to direct with a sense of humor and authority while maintaining his original enthusiasm. This may seem like an expensive way to find and test talent but getting to know one another under tough and realistic conditions is very important. “We look at a feature film like a river journey,” says Rosenthal. “It’s not for the faint-hearted. We think it’s a good idea to get to know the people in the boat before setting out to run the really big rapids.”

You can see behind the scenes photos from extras on set, in our gallery! If you are wondering about his hair, there also are various photos of Matthew with short hairstyles through the years, to get an idea of what he may look like now!

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