Matthew reveals original scenes from The Bridge and an update on I Am Victor!

“I smell a Pulitzer Prize“… We smell Emmys in the future of The Bridge!

Matthew was featured in The News Tribune in an article by Craig Sailor,profiling Matthew’s career from acting as a 13 year old to enticingly describing the original bomb scene feature in the pilot. It would have been very different, according to Matthew’s descriptions!
““I’ve never been so proud of a scene,” Lillard said. That comes despite having to film the scene twice. In the initial pilot, the bomb scene was filmed in an outdoor location. Later, the producers decided they wanted it to be inside a parking garage to better create an isolated mood. The outdoor shoot is probably the best Matthew Lillard acting you’ll never see, he says. “The first version was way more powerful. It’s a big reason why I’m on that show, because of that scene,” he said.”

We hope to get to see the alternate scene some day, maybe on a DVD or blu-ray boxset! We are really enjoying Matthew’s role on The Bridge and we look forward to seeing more of Daniel Frye’s character as he and Adriana work together at the El Paso Times to uncover more about the mystery that has lured them in. The above article confirms that Matthew’s role has been extended from 6 episodes to the recurring throughout the whole 13 episodes!
It’s brilliant to see how Matthew obviously relishes the chance to be a part of this, “the fun thing about being on ‘The Bridge’ is that I have the role of my life. I get to be a jerk. I get to beg for my life.”.

Screencaps of Episode 2, Calaca, will be online very soon!

Thanks to Deadline, we are intrigued to hear that regarding I AM VICTOR, the pilot that Matthew filmed with John Stamos is being rewritten by the network and they have extended their casting options on Matthew and other cast members. We look forward to hearing any news about this as we are wondering whether Matthew can work on both The Bridge AND I Am Victor, we shall have to see. We’d love any chance to get more fun candid photos from John on the set featuring Matthew!

Don’t forget, Matthew will be appearing at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday taking part in the panel for “Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map” after the film premieres at 10am and we hope there will be a signing opportunity later in the day too!