Miscellaneous Matthew News!

Spooner, the independent romantic comedy, written and directed by Drake Doremus, starring Matthew as the lead character, Herman Spooner and Nora Zehetner as Rose, has bought by Digidreams, a European distributor. Hooray, this means we’re one step closer to seeing this character driven piece, which looks like a great role for Matthew.

Matthew tweeted that Scooby Doo Mystery Inc has been renewed for a second series, which is fantastic. The show has had a great reboot with this new series, getting high audience numbers and positive reviews from critics and more importantly, fans of the long running franchise. The first series is still airing on Cartoon Network, with the tenth episode, Howl Of The Frighthound on today.

Messages Deleted, starring Matthew as the lead, Joel, a screenwriting professor, is now out in the UK, to buy from all good retailers and to rent from Blockbuster.

The House episode Matthew will star in, wrapped last week, and Series 7 now airs in the UK on Sundays, 10pm on Sky 1. The first episode of Series 7 aired last night and we’re all looking forward to seeing Matthew’s upcoming episode. More news as we get it!

Matthew was honoured as the Grand Marshall in the Tustin Tiller Days Parade on Saturday, relishing the chance to take part in his hometown tradition, celebrating the agricultural heritage of Tustin.

Matthew spent some time in Vegas, relaxing and playing poker with poker expert Scotty Ngyune.
When asked if he enjoyed playing poker with Matthew, Scotty replied, “of course baby!”, and to top it all off, Matthew left up!