Hooray, IFC chose Fat Kid Rules The World as one of the top twenty films to watch at SXSW!

Matthew tweeted that he was tired after spending the weekend doing a long workshop and Q&A at Vancouver Film School but hopefully he’ll be excited for SXSW. His directorial debut is having its world premiere at one of the best festivals!

Katie will be going as a representative of Matthew Lillard Online to report on the premiere and the movie, so be sure to say hi if you see her. She’ll be giving out these buttons and badges to fellow fans!

Follow Katie’s tweets on our fan account, @MattLillardFans or follow the movie itself at @FatKidMovie. If you want to find out if people are tweeting about it in particular, the hashtags #sxsw and #sxswfilm get very busy, so we suggest using #fatkidrules !