The Descendants Trailer & From The Head News

Following on from our last post, The Descendants trailer has been released online. You can see it in high quality on the Apple website. It’s created a lot of buzz around the film, as a lot of fans are eager to see what Alexander Payne’s next film will be, and for good reason, his last one won an Oscar!

Matthew doesn’t appear in it, but that’s a reason they call it a ‘teaser’ trailer, you can’t give away all the good stuff before December after all!

He does appear as Jimmy in From The Head which has been selected for the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival! It shows on June 24th at 7pm, at the Franklin Institute.
The Franklin Institute Science Museum is located in Center City Philadelphia, at the intersection of 20th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. You can get tickets in advance by calling the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival Box Office on 215-592-1242.

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