Three Second Rule and questioning the cast of The Bridge!

Tomorrow night is a whole new episode of The Bridge, airing on FX at 10pm and we can’t wait, especially after the traumatic cliffhanger from last week’s episode!
Entitled Vendetta, this promo entices viewers as the El Paso PD make more discoveries in the aftermath of the events of Destino.

As the Bridge has been airing and we’ve had so much fun interacting with the cast on twitter, we decided to ask them what they liked about working on our new favourite show!

First the lovely Carlos Pratts who stars as Gus Ruiz (hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Gus and his literate texting skills!) has this to say through various tweets.

“The focus and dedication brought by everyone involved day in and day out in beautiful. The experience is amazing, we shoot all over and the cast and crew make it feel as if you are with your family. So thankful to be part of this awesome show, learning from the best group around.”

Diana Maria Rivera succintly says her best thing about working on The Bridge is? “Johnny Dowers’ mullet.”
The hirsute Mr Dowers chimed in himself, “you sure know how to make a boy feel special! #Coop&KittySexyinThePD”
Diana replied with “#CoopandKitty! I LOVE IT! #Sexyloveonthebridge”
Those hashtags deserves to catch on, we’ll have to be sure to use it in future twitter conversations about The Bridge!

We reached out to Eric Lange and asked him what his favourite thing was, apart from obviously working with the sublime Catalina Sandino!
Eric acknowledged his talented co-star, “Well, Catalina’s the bomb… great scripts, a great crew, fantastic actors and a final product I’m proud of.”
Catalina reciprocated with “Well, I must say that Eric is a delight to work with as well!”

As we journey across The Bridge with great performances from all involved, we look forward to seeing more episodes, especially as Matthew’s performance is one of the best we’ve seen and we are not alone in thinking so.

Alyssa Rosenberg from thinkprogress tweeted her new article recapping The Bridge, noting that Matthew may be giving the best non Breaking Bad performance on television this summer!