Want Matthew Lillard in your house?

Yes, we do! He won’t be there in person but switch on your television in September and you will see him as a guest star in House, alongside Hugh Laurie.
The new series starts on 20th September and we’ll keep you updated as to when Matthew’s episode will air.

Thanks to TV Guide’s William Keck, we found out plot details from House producer, Katie Jacobs.

“I’ve been a fan of his for so long, so we offered the role to him,” says House executive producer Katie Jacobs. “He’s playing a bass player in a band who has been struggling for years and years. He finds himself in a very extreme circumstance in the beginning of the episode and becomes an unexpected hero. So how his life changes becomes the mystery.”

A bass player in a band? Will we get to see a character like fan favourite, The Groomsmen’s Des and his penchant for rocking out with his shirt off?

We’ll have to wait and see!