Want to star in Matthew’s new short film, FAT PUNK?

You’re in luck if you are near Seattle, as actors are needed for January 10th. The casting call is below.

“Actor Matthew Lillard’s short film needs background actors

Actor Matthew Lillard (you know him from movies like SLC Punk and Scream) is directing a short film in Seattle, and we’re looking for background actors for next Monday, January 10th!
The short film, FAT PUNK which will later be adapted into a feature-length movie, is about punk rock music
saving the life of a teen.
The scene is at an UNDERGROUND rock show where the lead character, Troy (an obese teenager), is initiated into the world of rock and roll.

We’re looking for background actors under age 40, to play the music fans who come to the underground Seattle venue to see their favorite punk band perform.
Please include a photo of yourself, for our wardrobe department to see – all types are welcome, so please contact us now at [email protected]!

-Mon. Jan 10
-4:30pm til the end of the evening
-Seattle (contact us for location info)
-Dinner provided
-Contact us now at [email protected]!

Note: This is a volunteer opportunity, however this trailer will be adapted into a feature film, and paying acting roles will be available then. Participation in this shoot is a great way to get your foot in
the door for the feature-length film.

Reply to: Please contact us now at [email protected] with a photo.”

What are you waiting for, go ahead and send Ben your details with a photo if you are able to make it there on 10th January, let him know that you found out about it whilst visiting MatthewLillardOnline!
This film sounds interesting, described as “funny, offbeat, and ultimately inspiring.”

It is based on the award-nominated young adult novel, Fat Kid Rules The World by K.L Going, which has an audiobook read by none other than Matthew himself!

Please report back to us as well with any news or photos from the set!