Week 3 of Production on Fat Kid begins as Amara excels herself with her art!

You remember the wonderful and talented extra we posted about, Amara? She’s so inspired by the set of Fat Kid Rules The World that she has created more amazing paintings!
On Amara’s website you can read what she has to say about the process of coming to set, being inspired and see more of her set sketches.

I am just a bohemian artist wandering the world in search of Inspiration and I found it.
It was just a craigslist ad: Extra’s needed for Feature Film: Punk rock, jock, cowboy….be who you are.
Directed by Matt Lillard.
(Better still – I love Hackers)

When I got there…I started sketching.
When I got home…I started painting.
And every time I go to set, I find Inspiration.

Our newest favourite is called View From The Director’s Chair, or Ghost Of The Past Whispers To Ghost Of The Future.

Here it is as a concept sketch from onset.



Amara’s facebook is here and her website is worth a visit to check out other sketches from the set. She also posts on the official Fat Kid Movie facebook page!