Want to star in Matthew’s new short film, FAT PUNK?

Want to star in Matthew’s new short film, FAT PUNK?

Matthew is directing a short film in Seattle, and they are looking for background actors for next Monday, January 10th!
The short film, FAT PUNK which will later be adapted into a feature-length movie, is about punk rock music saving the life of a teen. The scene is at an UNDERGROUND rock show where the lead character, Troy, is initiated into the world of rock and roll.
This film sounds interesting, described as “funny, offbeat, and ultimately inspiring.” The casting call is below the jump.

FAT PUNK is based on the award winning young adult novel, Fat Kid Rules The World by K.L Going, which has an audiobook read by none other than Matthew himself!

Hero or dying? A promo for Matthew’s House appearance!

What a start to 2011 for Matthew and his fans, guest starring on the top watched show in the world!

Saving a girl from being hit by a train, leads to Matthew’s character Jack Nash being hailed as a hero before falling unconscious. Gregory House sees Jack’s heroism as the symptom to his illness. What could it be? Tune in on Monday 17th 8/7c on Fox to find out!