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Matthew’s The Good Wife Episode airs in January!

Matthew’s episode of The Good Wife where he guest stars will be airing on Sunday January 5th at 9/10pm CBS. Apologies for incorrect information given out in earlier posts. We did not realise that The Good Wife had a mid season break from the airing schedule, whoops! Matthew’s episode is entitled “David and Goliath” and

The Bridge Series 2 has been ordered! Dear Dracula giveaway! Enter to win!

As The Bridge reached a thrilling conclusion, we are excited for the news that FX have ordered a second series! Fingers crossed that Matthew, Emily Rios, Johnny Dowers and Ted Levine will be back on screens along with our favourite mismatched detectives Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir. As October rolls towards Halloween, we know that

The Bridge airing on FX this week, Matthew to appear at SDCC13!

We’re getting closer and closer to Wednesday’s air date for The Bridge’s first episode as the promotional events increase! The cast went to Mexico City on Friday to promote the series, meet press and fans, Annabeth tweeted a great photo of Matthew pointing out his promotional poster and Matthew also posted a fun one showing

Time is dragging until The Bridge airs on FX, July 10th, 10pm!

The Bridge – Dragging Watch 14 mini teaser videos in total on the FX website to tide you over until then and you can see glimpses of Matthew in the promotional trailer itself, in a potentially explosive situation! The Bridge was the only new show with the honor of an Entertainment Weekly cover as all

Home Run Showdown Roundup!

Footage from last week’s 13abc press interview features a sweet interview with Matthew and an appearance by Dean Cain. Matt is being interviewed by Lissa Guyton and he wishes Heather a Happy Anniversary, (their tenth!) before Dean joins him on camera. Hometown Life reports about Jordan March who plays Matthew’s character’s nephew. The article also

Matthew visits old friends on the Scream 4 set

Setting the twittersphere alight with gossip, Scream 4 fans have been wondering whether Matthew is in Michigan for a Scream 4 cameo, after rumours swirled around that he had been spotted having dinner with Neve Campbell. The original report was fake, but Matthew has now visited the set and met up with old friends and