Month: June 2011

Fat Kid Is About To Rule The World, starting with Seattle!

We are so excited to report that Matthew’s directorial debut starts filming in Seattle and Renton on July 5th!
Be sure to follow the official Fat Kid Rules The World accounts on Facebookand Twitter for updates!

Jacob Wysocki confirms he’s reprising his Fat Punk short role as Troy, the titular kid himself.

As always we will bring you news and links in this exciting time for Matthew and his cast and crew. Click the post to read quotes from his cast, as well as see Matthew giving a speech as the cast and crew completed a script read through!

Mini break – back June 25th!

Just a note to let visitors to the site know that the site may be quiet for a week as Katie is going on holiday! Wahoo, Las Vegas! Be sure to follow Matthew on Twitter as Fat Kid continues in pre-production ready for shooting in July! They’ll need lots of extras so be sure to…

Fat Kid Rules The World Production News & From The Head Tease!

It’s all go go go as Matthew, aided by his passionate and professional crew is working hard on the pre-production for Fat Kid Rules The World. Be sure to check back often and see Matthew’s tweets on the site if you don’t follow him on Twitter already, as it gives you an insight into the process, as well as telling us tidbits such as being roommates with Paul Rudd for two years!

Fat Kid Rules The World now in Pre-Production!

Matthew tweeted that Fat Kid Rules The World is officially in Pre-Production! We can look forward to plenty of forthcoming tweets. Check out his twitter further down the page and be sure to follow for any of the production office gossip which Matthew is hankering for, if his tweet is any indication! K.L Going, the…