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Matthew’s LEVERAGE episode airs tonight 8pm on TNT!

Tonight Matthew guest stars on Leverage as Gabe Erickson, in Series 5 episode 7 titled The Real Fake Car Job! Aldis Hodge who plays Alec Hardison will be live blogging the episode for Entertainment Weekly! Matthew has already said he’ll tune in to see what Aldis says about the episode, so be sure to join…

Every Hero Has His Kryptonite – “Larger Than Life” airing TONIGHT!

There is a new promo spot for tonight’s episode of House, airing during a football game over the weekend, which has a new shot of Dr Master examining Matthew’s character as he yells out in pain and clutches his head. There is also a longer shot of Sprague Grayden as Jack Nash’s wife, Eva, holding their daughter Daisy.

Want Matthew Lillard in your house?

Yes, we do! He won’t be there in person but switch on your television in September and you will see him as a guest star in House, alongside Hugh Laurie. The new series starts on 20th September and we’ll keep you updated as to when Matthew’s episode will air. Thanks to TV Guide’s William Keck,…