Month: May 2011

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The Descendants Trailer & From The Head News

Following on from our last post, The Descendants trailer has been released online. You can see it in high quality on the Apple website. It’s created a lot of buzz around the film, as a lot of fans are eager to see what Alexander Payne’s next film will be, and for good reason, his last one won an Oscar!

Matthew doesn’t appear in it, but that’s a reason they call it a ‘teaser’ trailer, you can’t give away all the good stuff before December after all!

Teaser poster for The Descendants is released, trailer showing soon?

Thanks to IndieWire, we get our first glimpse at the teaser poster for The Descendants.

Matthew is not featured on it, even in the credits but bear in mind that this is a teaser poster and Matthew’s character is the answer to a question they are using for viral marketing and he is in fact rather pivotal to the plot. We think it’s a great looking poster, even if Matthew’s not on it.
See the full poster under the cut, read about the trailer hitting cinemas this weekend with a particular film!

Who Is He?

The Descendants starts an interesting viral marketing campaign as George Clooney rushes to a house and asks a couple standing in front of him, the all important question, “Who is he”? We believe that this site that you are on now, holds the very answer to George’s urgent question!