Month: April 2011

All’s Faire In Love released theatrically on July 29th

From Hannover House comes the news that ‘All’s Faire in Love’ will be released theatrically. The film will open in the “key markets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago” as well as other cities if the initial release goed well. “All’s Faire In Love,” a major romantic comedy from director Scott Marshall starring Christina Ricci,…

Fat Kid Rules The World is being cast from Los Angeles reports on Twitter, that the project has a casting director!

Actor MATTHEW LILLARD will be directing the film FAT KID RULES THE WORLD, based on the book of the same name. Casting by JENNIFER RICCHIAZZI

Jennifer has a steady IMDB resume with fantastic projects ranging from Charlies Angels, Teeth, Pineapple Express and The Illusionist. Having recently completed casting on the drama We Need To Talk About Kevin, she will be finding out who will fill the shoes of Troy and Marcus

Matthew’s ‘sizzle reel’ for FAT PUNK is online!

Matthew’s collection of short scenes from Fat Kid Rules The World, shot as FAT PUNK in Seattle back in January is now online! Starring Jacob Wysocki and Danny Tieger as Troy and Marcus, you can get an idea of how this film would look!

Matthew is now directing a feature length Fat Kid Rules The World!

Matthew’s earlier tweet says he has shaved his head, now he’s heading to Seattle to direct Fat Kid Rules The World!
He’s been long involved with this project, narrating the audiobook and optioning the novel rights to try and get it made through the years. Earlier this year, he made a short film to show prospective producers what it could look like and you can see behind the scenes photos from extras on set, in our gallery!

Matthew performing with Dr God Friday night in Phoenix! 04/15

Dr God tweeted that Matthew is performing with them tomorrow night at the Phoenix Improv Festival! The show is at 10pm and tickets are $15, go check it out!

A Look Back On “Scream”, which is currently airing now in the UK!

Any fellow UK residents, I hope you’re watching ‘Scream’ right now on BBC1. According to Twitter you are, as Scream is currently a trending topic in the UK! As we know, Matthew took part in two Scream retrospective documentaries. “Scream The Inside Story” aired on the Biography channel last Wednesday. Fans have reported that it…

Matthew attended the Premiere of Scream 4!

Matthew and Heather attended the Scream 4 premiere where they were greeted by Matthew’s former co-star, Seth Green! Seth also helped validate Matthew’s twitter by tweeting his name along with this extremely cute photo of him with the beautiful couple. @SethGreen – Seth Green I run into the original scream master @Lillardmatthew & his beautiful…

TRAILER & Free Screening of STILL SCREAMING on Thursday 14th in L.A

FEARnet have the world exclusive trailer for Still Screaming and news on how you can see it for free! This is a special documentary as it focuses on all films in the Scream franchise and there are a brilliant selection of cast and crew interviewees, some who have never been interviewed about their Scream involvement…

Scream The Inside Story – Free screening in L.A!

The Big Bear Horror-Film Festival presents: the LA Screening of Inside Story: Scream (alternatively titled Scream: The Inside Story). One day before the anticipated documentary will air on US TV screens, the chance exists to see it in a public venue with other Scream fans – something rarely afforded to television airings. In attendance will…