Artist extra Amara shows her artwork!

Fat Kid Rules The World extra Amara Kopakova answered a Craigslist ad for punkrockers, and found herself on the high school set earlier this week, drawing between takes to pass the time and amuse others. She reports that the set is ‘friendly and intense, focused and fun’.

Amara explains that a ‘ lot of onset time is spent hanging out in hallways while grips hang lights and wires to light the space.’
Here is one of Amara’s sketches, detailing one of the grips and she’ll be posting more over the next few days so be sure to say hi if you see her on set, sketching away!

She captured a certain Punk Rock High School Hero

Matthew saw this half finished Seattle skyline sketch of hers and called it ‘bitchin’!

From Amara’s experience on set, she notes that Matthew is a great first time director as he “is concise and exacting with crew, friendly with extras, intense and encouraging with actors”.

This is fantastic to hear and we welcome stories from extras who want to share their time onset with the film’s facebook or twitter account.

You can follow Amara on twitter, be sure to see what else she sketches on set and see more of her amazing detailed and fully realised artwork on her website.