Matthew awarded as a Friend of Vancouver Film School

Matthew recently did another workshop at the Vancouver Film School, teaching the alumni of their acting for film and television programme.
If you haven’t checked out their page dedicated to Matthew’s work with VFS, you should click the link above. Find out about Matthew’s work as a mentor as he teaches acting workshops and has directed short films, made by the aspiring cast and crew. They have exclusive video interviews, photos and more!

His hard work, dedication and inspiration to the kids led to Matthew being awarded the Friend of VFS award, for ‘going above and beyond the call of duty in providing opportunities for VFS students’.
This is a fantastic achievement for Matthew who has enjoyed working with VFS, citing the students as challenging and inspiring.

This is another accomplishment for Matthew’s work with VFS as it goes along with┬áthe award that was given to the actors in Coming Home Soon, the short film that Matthew directed, which won the Emotional Impact award at the Spring Impact Awards.

Matt on set of Coming Home Soon with his leads.