Matthew in Pulling Focus talk last night in Washington

Last night, Matthew was in Washington, taking part in the Pulling Focus talks at the Sorrento Hotel. This panel was hosted by Warren Etheredge who conducted the below fantastic video interview with Matthew at Slamdance last year, promoting Spooner, as part of his Warren Report series.

The Washington Film site has more information on the series of panels.

“Pulling Focus” is a series of four panels about the business of film that are conceived and designed to speak to a diversity of audience members, from screenwriters to actors, from directors to producers and on to musicians.

Moderated by the colorful and charismatic Warren Etheredge from The Warren Report, our goal is to elevate the conversation and design a dialogue that will have a little something for everyone and simultaneously help to give our community a rock-solid education about how business is done in the film industry. Following each panel discussion, the community is invited to continue the conversation at a cocktail reception hosted by the Washington Wine Commission.

This initiative has received unprecedented support from Seattle based film arts organizations and is being co-sponsored by the IFP/Seattle, Northwest Film Forum, Northwest Screenwriters Guild, the Seattle Film Institute, the Seattle International Film Festival, the Seattle Office of Film + Music, the Warren Report and Women in Film.

Our first panel will be held at the Top of the Town at the Sorrento Hotel in downtown Seattle on Thursday, March 3rd. Doors will open at 6:30pm with the discussion to begin at 7pm.

The panel discussion will feature special guests Matthew Lillard (SLC Punk, Scream, Scooby Doo), Darrien Gipson (National Director SAG Indie) and Nike Imoru (Casting Director N x NW). Our first panel discussion topic will be the importance of casting to a production.

The last line and the fact that it was held in Washington makes us wonder whether Matthew was discussing the importance of casting for his Fat Kid Rules The World project, aka Fat Punk! or whether he would touch on being cast as an actor in various roles?