Matthew’s onstage in Victory’s Harbor!

Matthew is starring in a new play in Los Angeles! It’s called Harbor and is held at the Victory Theatre in Burbank, Los Angeles.

He will be starring with Mary Thornton Blake, PJ Marino, Zibby Allen, Grinnell Morris, Matthew Gardner and Lukas Lyman.

Mary Thornton Blake plays Jules, a single mother, who must wrestle with the return of her ex-husband (Matthew Lillard) following the death of her father. The gloves and more come off when his untimely return to the family sets off a powder keg of emotions. The ensuing struggle over their explosive relationship elicits both laughs and an upheaval of the family in this exploration of what it takes to say good-bye.

You can find more information and rehearsal photos at Harbor’s own website here
It opens this Thursday (27th October) and is on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until December 3rd.

Matthew talks about how he got involved with Harbor in this fantastic, long interview from GeekChicDaily. It is a brilliant read, as he talks about his theater days, providing a Scream commentary for Dr God, voicing Scooby Doo and directing Fat Kid Rules The World!

You can get tickets through the Victory website themselves,GoldStar, or win a free pair of tickets from us! We have a pair of tickets for Friday 28th October at 8pm.

Email us here and we’ll announce the tickets winner on Wednesday 26th October!