Matthew’s short film, Fat Punk is shooting today in Seattle!

You can be a part of the background action by heading down to the Sunset Tavern for 2pm.

Matthew’s statement of intent in directing Fat Punk, was kindly shared with us by Whiskey Tango, who are playing as the punk band in the film.

“To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Matthew Lillard and I’m coming to Seattle in January to direct a test run of a movie called FAT KID RULES THE WORLD.

Ya see, a couple of years ago I optioned a book about an obese teenager who finds punk rock music and it saves his life. I’ve been trying to get the movie made ever since but have had little luck. Recently I was introduced to WHITEWATER FILMS whose specialty is indie films and first time directors. My wheelhouse. They’ve asked me to direct a test run of the feature.

There’re 3 objectives to this exercise.
1—To see if the characters are interesting enough to build a feature around.
2—To see if I can direct.
3—To make sure I’m not a crazy, narcissistic jackass.

In success we’ll take financing the movie to the next step and be back in Seattle sometime next year to shoot the feature. Failure? This practice film never sees the light of day.

I hope this makes sense and you decide to join our team. We’re excited about shooting in Seattle and are looking forward to a great experience.


M. Lillard”