Screen Daily reports that The Descendants is rumoured for Cannes!

Screen Daily announces the build up to the Cannes film festival line up being announced, and muses whether “The Descendants” may appear. Fingers crossed! Otherwise it is slated for an Autumn release.
“From the US, rumour has a Cannes slot in the bag for Alexander Payne’s latest The Descendants which features George Clooney as a man trying to reconnect with his two daughters. Payne was in competition with About Schmidt in 2002.”

Kaui Hart Hemmings, the author whose book The Descendants has been adapted for the big screen, is not worried. Present on set, she is happy with the ‘cinematic result’. Kaui spoke to students in Hawaii as she talked about her novel being translated to screen, as reported in the Star Advertiser.

“Although “The Descendants” won’t be in theaters until fall at the earliest, Hemmings sat in the audience during a test screening held in Los Angeles in November. She loved it.

“It’s wonderful,” she said last week. “I saw them film it, and I knew Alexander and I know what to expect from his films, so I was prepared to like it. But I was blown away by it.”

When she shared her excitement recently during a talk to students at St. Andrew’s Priory, Hemmings confessed it was difficult to talk about the movie without gushing.
“Who knows how I would have reacted if another filmmaker had taken it on?” Hemmings said. “This particular filmmaker is my favorite, and when he came into the picture, I sat back and just enjoyed. Any changes he made, I said, ‘Great, do what you gotta do to make a good movie.'”

Not every scene in the book will be in the movie, but everything that was crucial to the story is there, Hemmings told the students.

The film from Fox Searchlight Pictures was shot in Hawaii a year ago. In “The Descendants” the 35-year-old Hemmings created a slice of Hawaii rarely written about, let alone displayed on a movie screen.”