Matthew’s currently filming Lawless

Matthew is currently shooting Lawless in the Redwoods, and he is praising his co-star, Ted Levine.

Shooting in the REDWOODS with Ted Levine today. His career is something every actor dreams about. Art meets commerce.

Matthew stars as Jack, a member of the influential Cavanaugh family who rule the small town where Ted Levine is the sheriff, Bloom Towne. Bloom’s two teenage sons, Nick and Skylar kickstart a whole chain of events when they accidently shoot and kill Dick Cavanaugh, the mayor, during a deer hunt. On the run, the boys find themselves lawless.

If they’re filming in the Redwoods today, sounds like they may be filming the deerhunt and subsequent events already!

This movie reunites Matthew, with his One Of Our Own director and writers, Abe Levy and Silver Tree.