House promo picture is released and a few Fat Punk set pictures!

MatthewLillardOnline reached new heights of 200 new visits today! We are very pleased to see all of you visiting and learning about Matthew’s new projects. We are chalking this up to the great timing of Matthew’s Seattle adventures with Fat Punk and all the extras who took part as well as his upcoming SF Sketchfest show with Dr God and of course, House next Monday!

Please stick around and tell me what else you would like to see on the site?
The gallery is always popular and more and more is continually in the process of being added.

Fox have released their single promotional picture starring Matthew as Jack Nash in his House episode, entitled “Larger Than Life”.

Thanks to livejournal community, I watch for Cuddy for bringing this to our attention!
Matthew in House's Larger Than Life

We have a high quality version of this picture in the gallery, to launch our new Television folder with images from Matthew’s various appearances on television, such as Gary Unmarried!

Also open for viewing is a new album for Fat Punk’s on set pictures that people have kindly sent in from Twitter.
Let me know if you have any other pictures from your time at the Sunset Tavern that you would like to share?
Thanks to Mad Hatter, Caitlyn, Nick and others who have shown us pictures and reported on their time on set!