Screaming for more?

Who else is excited for Scream 4?

The official trailer is intriguing, great to see the original trio of Gale, Dewey and of course Sydney back onscreen. It’s also chilling to see Ghostface again.

Looking forward to its release in April as well as the releases of documentaries, Still Screaming and Scream:The Inside Story which both feature interviews with Matthew!
‘Like’ them on Facebook to follow their progress up until April’s release. I also recommend the fantastic as a great place to visit to find out about Scream news, and the forums are a lot of fun!

I would also like to suggest that fellow Matthew fans check out the fantastic Drew Barrymore website, The Drewseum, as they celebrate their fifth year online. You can find goodies promoting the two films Matthew and Drew have been in together, Mad Love and Scream!

This is one of my favourite websites to visit, due to the creativity and passion behind the site, all thanks to Ashley and Anne I find it inspires me to do better with this site to bring news and information to fans everywhere of Matthew Lillard!