Matthew, Carla and Patrick prove they are a great MATCH for Tribeca

On Friday evening, Matthew, Carla Gugino and Patrick Stewart attended the red carpet premiere for MATCH as the opening film for Tribeca film festival’s third evening.

Here is the original synopsis for Match from Tribeca’s own website by Liza Domnitz.
A Seattle couple (Carla Gugino and Matthew Lillard) travel to New York to interview former dancer Tobi (played with remarkable dexterity by Patrick Stewart) for research on a dissertation about the dance landscape of 1960s New York City. Now a beloved but somewhat hermitic ballet instructor, Tobi eventually warms to the strangers sitting in his Inwood apartment, regaling them with wild anecdotes from his colorful past. But when the line of questioning veers away from his career and becomes uncomfortably personal, the true motive behind the couple’s visit begins to emerge. Based on the Tony-nominated play of the same name, Director Stephen Belber weaves effortlessly between riotous wit and delicate poignancy, unraveling the story of three people forced to confront ideas of responsibility, artistic commitment, and love.


Gabe Toro from IndieWire declared that “Gugino and Lillard won’t allow themselves to be cowed by Stewart’s bombast. A seemingly middle-class couple from Seattle, they nonetheless seem to have pretty straightforward Midwestern values. Lisa’s compassion ultimately shifts into a lack of self-preservation too quickly, but Gugino brings a wounded beauty and grace to her performance. Lillard, meanwhile, has become something of a go-to guy for wounded, impotent everyman schlubs. His tight, conservative mustache almost feels like a badge.”

"Match" Premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

KL Going, the author of Fat Kid Rules The World also attended the screening for a mini reunion with Matthew and exclaimed that the acting was incredible, making her cry and laugh!
Steve Pond from The Wrap exclusively told MatthewLillardOnline that Matthew “holds his own amongst imitable company. Dude can act.”
Steve also documented the post MATCH screening Q&A where the first two audience questions gushed over Matthew’s acting and roles, until he had to point out that they were all in the company of a knight! Steve wrote about it for The Wrap.

The audience at the BMCC theater responded with real enthusiasm, first during the movie and then during a Q&A in which Lillard briefly stole the show from his more celebrated co-star, to Lillard’s own dismay.

Two of the first audience members to ask questions prefaced their queries by praising past Lillard performances – the first raving about the 1998 cult film “SLC Punk,” and the second starting her remarks by saying, “I’m a big ‘Scooby’ fan.”

After the back-to-back mentions of gems from his filmography, Lillard immediately interrupted the questioner. “This is the greatest Q&A ever!” he said, and then grew visibly embarrassed.

Pointed to Stewart, he grinned and yelled to the crowd, “He’s a knight, goddamnit! He gave one of the greatest performances ever in this movie, and if you ask me he should win an Oscar. And to put that performance anywhere near ‘Scooby F—ing Doo’ is horrifying!”

MATCH aired at Tribeca on 18th April, 20th April and will also screen on Thursday 24th April, 6pm at Bow Ties Cinema in Chelsea. Tickets are on standby, be sure to queue if you want to see this marvellous film before we hope it gets snapped up for worldwide distribution! Fingers crossed it will spread to other film festivals around the world to allow Matthew fans to see this powerful movie.

You can see Matthew taking part in this Carla red carpet video.

See Patrick call Matthew “faintly virile looking” as the couple ask Tobi questions in his apartment. in this Entertainment Weekly exclusive clip from the movie!

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