The Bridge gets an air date and Matthew appears on Pedro and Money today!

FX channel announced today that the air date for the premiere of The Bridge is Wednesday 10th July at 10pm.
Be sure to tune in to see Matthew appear as Daniel Frye, the cocky reporter for El Paso Times!
We are really excited for this show and will keep you updated as news develops.

Matthew tweeted today that he is appearing on a sports radio show, Petros and Money on Fox Sports Radio 3-4pm in LA, 4-7 nationally PST. It’ll be interesting to hear what Matthew has to say regarding his favourite sports teams.

In case you haven’t been following the development of the SLC Punk sequel Punk’s Dead, well you’re missing out on amazing rare set photographs posted on a daily basis! Today, they shared one of our utmost favourites of Matthew on set, check it out!

Matthew looking pensive - Punk's Dead

Matthew looking pensive – Punk’s Dead

If these rare photos aren’t enough to keep you refreshing their page, they are also sharing casting updates, the full soundtrack of SLC Punk and hosting exlusive Question and Answer sessions with cast members!

Michael A. Goorjian recently had the pleasure of answering questions fans put to him and it was really informative and fun, click on the page to see the fun and interesting questions he answered and little tidbits about working with Matthew. Maybe next they’ll speak with Annabeth Gish or James Duval or everybody’s favourite blue-haired punk? We’ll have to wait and see!