Time is dragging until The Bridge airs on FX, July 10th, 10pm!

The Bridge – Dragging
Watch 14 mini teaser videos in total on the FX website to tide you over until then and you can see glimpses of Matthew in the promotional trailer itself, in a potentially explosive situation!

The Bridge was the only new show with the honor of an Entertainment Weekly cover as all the others were returning to screens this summer. Listed at number 7 in their top 12 summer shows to watch, Matthew is the first listed guest star in the article!
You can see our exclusive cover scan below and read the article in our new gallery album.

Matthew is listed on IMDB as appearing in two episodes so far but we hope he appears as Daniel Frye in more than two! Guest starring as a cocky reporter trying to shake his boozing and partying past should be a fascinating role for Matthew.
From viewing his instagram and twitter, he shared a location visit to the LA County Coroner with a few intriguing and enticing images. Be sure to check out his pictures on his official accounts! You can also find The Bridge FX account on twitter and use their hashtag #thebridgefx when tweeting about the show!

The Bridge are hosting a mural contest where anyone with art skills to display, will find a mural of their design in major cities as the show airs as well as a prize of $1500! This is a great addition to the show’s creative promotional design and we look forward to seeing the entries continue rolling in (Adriana A is our favourite so far!) and which art pieces get selected. It ends on the 17th, so hurry to get your artwork in!