The Fat Kid Rules Glasgow!

The Glasgow Youth Film Festival held a jampacked full screening of Fat Kid Rules The World on Saturday 9th February.

We travelled up to Scotland by train and met fellow longtime Matthew and Fat Kid fan, Alix. We ventured out to the beautiful Glasgow Film Theatre where we were presented with the amazing paper doll characters of Troy and Marcus from the talented Sally G and met the talented and passionate Glasgow Youth Film Committee who had voted for Fat Kid Rules The World to be shown at their festival!

Siobhan gave an eloquent introduction saying why she had chosen this film as her selection and we were treated to a funny Sweded short film of ET made by the committee themselves, before the familiar sight of Troy filled the screen. We handed out limited edition Fat Kid Rules The World badges as the appreciative audience filed out, meeting another audience member William, who had been lucky enough to see it at SXSW!

It was fantastic to see this film reach these isles and we hope one day to see Matthew introduce a screening of his film here with a Q&A for audience members to engage with him about one of his finest achievements.