Get a glimpse at Series 2 and preview the first episode at The Paley Center!

Here is a teaser snippet of what Series 2 of The Bridge has in store for us!

If you can’t wait until July 9th to see more then you are in luck, The Paley Center are showing the first episode of the new series followed by a panel talk including Matthew, Emily Rios, Diane Kruger, Demian Bichir and Ted Levine! Elwood Reid the show’s creator and executive producer will also be in attendance, making this an event not to miss!
Tickets are $25 and the screening and talk will be on June 24th, at 7pm, the same day that The Bridge series 1 is released on DVD and Blu-Ray!
Buy your ticket here!
Or if you cannot attend, you can click to watch the livestream of the panel here from 7.50pm PT (10.50 ET)
We’ve already got our ticket! Join us in the audience to witness the new start of The Bridge and what the cast and creator have to say about it!