Home Run Showdown Roundup!

Footage from last week’s 13abc press interview features a sweet interview with Matthew and an appearance by Dean Cain.

Matt is being interviewed by Lissa Guyton and he wishes Heather a Happy Anniversary, (their tenth!) before Dean joins him on camera.

Hometown Life reports about Jordan March who plays Matthew’s character’s nephew. The article also states that ‘Lillard took some cast members and their families to Lucky Strike in Novi for dinner and to play games on Aug. 22.’

Annabeth Gish shared some set cast photos, and her fan website kindly let us share one with you.

Home Run Showdown Cast Photo from Annabeth!

Please visit the excellent Annabeth website, AnnabethGish.ws for more news and information!

Scream and Matthew fan from Twitter, Ghost_Stu, was an extra and got his Scream DVD signed. What a great item for any Scream fan’s collection!

Home Run Showdown filming is reported to wrap tomorrow, whether this is in Michigan or as a whole, I’m not sure but we’ll find out!