New onset photo shows Matthew with Billy and help indie filmmaking!

As you know, we are fans of talented key grip Patrick Bates’ photography but this one is the best photos we’ve seen from on set!

Now while we’ve got your attention, Matthew has taken an interest in getting funding for a personal project of a Fat Kid Rules The World crew member, Jeremy Mackie. His project entitled While You Weren’t Looking, depicts the adventures of a five year old boy who goes on adventures. The project is in need of help with only three days to raise $1,694.
We know Matthew’s fans are a generous bunch, raising $350 for Madison’s Charity for his birthday this year, so we would love to see your support for this project. After all, Matthew doesn’t want to have to sell one of his kids in order to get this film made!

Here is Matthew’s plea,

My gaffer on Fat Kid is helping me change my life by making an amzingly beautiful film. I need to return the favor.

which he followed by

We gotta make this happen. I might sell a child. I love this man in a purely sexual way.

Click the above image of the sweetest boy adventurer ever to donate a dollar, or five or more to this independent filmmaking cause!